Cranford homes can remodel a room or an entire house. Remember Kitchens and bathrooms often make a house feel outdated. We at Cranford Homes can give you the kitchen of your dreams or a relaxing spa type bathroom.


While this pavilion was built from the ground up, it was an excellent addition to an existing home.

Beautiful scenery surrounds the pavilion The full pavilion viewed from the walkway, a view of the lake is in the background The pavilion viewed from the driveway Kitchen area in the pavilion Wood plank ceiling in the pavilion A close up view of the pavilion's fireplace

Exterior Remodel

This house has a brand new look with the some changes to the landscaping, new paint, stone work and a new roof.

House in White Oak Subdivision Before Remodeling House in White Oak Subdivision After Remodeling


Entry to the walk-in closet Extra storage around the vanity Entry to the remodeled shower space

We're putting together some more galleries to show a Cranford Homes Remodeling project. Please check back for updates.

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