About Cranford Homes

Billy Cranford

Cranford Homes, Inc. was established in 1990 by Billy Cranford with several goals in mind. First, to produce a high quality custom home that would be a lifelong lasting value to the Owner. Second, to provide a one-on-one Customer relationship that would coincide with our primary goals. Thirdly, to provide Customer service before, during, and after the sale that would be unsurpassed.

Billy Cranford, President of Cranford Homes, Inc., has been a resident of Coweta County for over 25 years and operates over 95% of his business in the Coweta County market. Although he maintains a full time Construction Manager, he still prides himself with a one-on-one Customer relationship that allows jobs to go as smoothly as possible.

Cranford Homes, Inc. builds a variety of homes in and around Coweta County that has market values from the low 200's to over a million dollars. With custom pre-sold homes being a good percentage of our business, we are set up to handle any price range home, from its inception and design, all the way through to closing.

Cranford Homes, Inc. not only specializes in the home building business, but also in the remodeling business. We handle basement finishes, and kitchen and bathroom remodels with the same expertise and professionalism as the million dollar custom home.

The quality and attention that Billy Cranford and the Cranford Homes team provides makes sure that in the process of making your dreams a reality, it will be an enjoyable experience, as well, that will produce the highest quality possible.

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